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Port of Providence, Rhode Island

Now serving the ports of New Bedford, MA and Davisville, RI.

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Waterson Terminal Services

ProvPort’s exclusive Port Operator and Manager is Waterson Terminal Services, LLC (WTS). Waterson Terminal Services specializes in handling bulk, break bulk and project cargoes including the transfer of cargo from vessel to vessel, vessel to barge, or barge to barge. In its capacity as Terminal manager WTS takes on all responsibility for vessel scheduling, general management, safety and capital improvements at the deep water port.

Waterson Terminal Services is a licensed stevedore in the ports of Providence, Davisville and New Bedford.


ProvPort, Inc., was created in 1994 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit chartered in Rhode Island for the dual purpose of holding and managing the asset formerly known as the Port of Providence (City of Providence Municipal Wharf) and previously owned by the City of Providence. The Port of Providence is New England's second biggest deep water port and a strategically located Northeast port anchored by a strong tenant base each of which utilizes the port as a distribution center within the New England area. ProvPort’s tenants are primarily major companies with a long history at the port and in general.